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*From Michelle on  Apr 18, 2020

Thanks to @WizardWorld  & for #TheMagicians experience today. For someone disabled, the world suddenly becoming accessible during scary times has meant everything.

*From Ruchi G on 4/18/2020:

Thank you again, all. This was a much needed boost in a very tough time, and you guys kept it moving incredibly well. As a customer, I was more than satisfied, and as a comic/fantasy/sci-fi geek, it helped me connect with artists for just a moment in a way I can't quite capture how much it means. You guys are doing amazing!

*From Abby M. on 4/19/2020: 

I just wanted to thank you for the online experience I got to take part in yesterday. Getting to chat with Hale for a bit was just awesome, and it was so nice having something to look forward to during all of this craziness. This experience was really special, and I really appreciate you all for putting it together.

*From Jennifer B on April 11, 2020

Replying to @WizardWorld @JamesMarstersOf and 4 others Thank you so much for doing these. It was awesome to watch. Thank you to everyone involved!

*From Suzie H. on 4/4/2020:


I went for a very exciting 5 tickets and haven’t really stopped grinning since. (well haven’t stopped grinning since I heard about the event really). 


I can’t thank everyone enough at Wizard World, and your participants, for running this virtual event.   


As someone who is restricted in her movement & travel due to physical disabilities you have opened up a possibility for me that I just never in my wildest dreams imagined. I pretty much live my life in lockdown and have been doing so for more than 5 years now.  Mostly I only leave the house for doctors appointments and the pharmacy, occasionally I get to shop for food myself, very occasionally to go for a cup of coffee.  So this VIRTUAL Wizard World is just MIND BLOWINGLY HUGE❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

Pass on my thanks to those who came up with the idea and those who implemented it, and everyone else who has had to work so hard to change gear in what seems to have been such an amazingly short space of time and done it splendidly. 

*From Brooke R. on 5/2/2020:


My daughter Haley is over the moon.  Thank you for setting up [the video chat with Robin Lord Taylor] - she turned to me afterwards and said now she needs a new dream because her current one was answered.


*From Cynthia J. on 5/5/2020:


I got to speak to  the best cast of actors who I adore and even laugh, with them. Oh you gave me a wonderful birthday present. My birthday is Friday. I  got to thank Mr Rankin for what he did for me two years ago. Oh I wanted to cry. Thank you

*From Savanna M. on 5/27/2020:


So happy with the service with wizard world virtual! The communication is to an above excellent standards and was shocked at how good and nice it was. I will definitely use the service again as they made me feel special as a customer which I find rare now days. Highly recommend. 



*From Angela S. on 6/3/2020: 


I just wanted to take a minute say thank you And tell you what a fabulous job you did communicating how to navigate ZOOM it certainly made it easy to log on and for us to know we were in the right spot!   I am pretty sure that I couldn’t have gotten my daughter a better bday gift,  especially one I just stumbled on.   Also I want to say that Ian was a pleasure to hear him speak so much positivity to “my girl” his message was heard and I’m sure it will have a lasting  impact! I am truly impressed and Estella was thrilled.  Thank you so much for an awesome experience. 

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